Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yummy-looking stool container

Yesterday I had my medical examinations taken at Jecson Medical Center for my employment. I found their Stool container amusing because it had a spoon attached to it. Imagine this container having your delightful stool. :P

Urine Container and Ice cream sampler, ooops! I mean Stool container.
Want to try some? :P

Monday, July 25, 2011

ChurpChurp Craze

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Are you getting excited? Well let me introduce to you... ChurpChurp!

I could say sincerely that this thing works because I have tried it and I will show you my proof. I joined churpchurp last July 10, 2011. Today is the 25th, look how much I earn with that two weeks just by sharing:

Right upper lobe PTB: What does it mean?

I am supposed to give my opinion about Pnoy's SONA delivered earlier this afternoon. However a more pressing matter came to my attention.

A very dear friend of mine has a problem with her chest x-ray. Honestly, I cannot quite piece together how it came to be. That is why I think I'd have trouble relaying the problem to you. Please read the following facts because that is how exactly she told them to me:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

SONA 2011

Tomorrow, Philippine President Benigno PNoy Noynoy Aquino III is scheduled to deliver his second State Of The Nation Address, dubbed as SONA 2011, before the congress after one year of administration of the Philippine government. It is anticipated that the Philippine president will account to his bosses (that’s what he called the Filipino people on his inauguration speech) what he and his cabinet members had completed from the past one year of governing the country.

President Pnoy Noynoy Aquino is the fifteenth president of the Philippines. In my opinion he was a reluctant and a pushover candidate. Surprisingly, he won by landslide last 2010 presidential election. It was due to the fact that he was one of the very few presidents who gained high level of trust from the majority of Filipino people from all classes. Every Filipinos who shows concern for the country are all waiting what would be the content of his SONA.

Whatever it is, this Pnoy Noynoy SONA 2011 should really assure intelligent Filipinos after they had placed their hope on him.